‘Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired.’
Terri – age 4

Wedding Traditions

by Reverend Arlene Goldman ~ 954.494.3744

“Alex and I were so moved by the ceremony
and how you made us feel so comfortable.
It was beautiful and we will always cherish it.”
….. Deborah & Alex Petkus

The photos on this page are a sample of a few wedding ideas. Of course there are many other romantic, religious and cultural traditions. Unity Traditions like the Unity Candle and The Unity Sand ceremony are popular and you have a great keepsake to take home with you. Consider adding a Balloon Release, Hand-fasting/Tying the Knot or a Green Ceremony. I am open to traditions and additions that are meaningful to you and that make your wedding ceremony all the more memorable.


“Our ceremony was beautiful. Everyone keeps telling us that it was
the most personal, heartwarming ceremony that they’ve been to …”
….. Sherry & Mike Beldowicz


Indian Garland Exchange

Family Unity Candle

Breaking the Glass
Jewish Wedding Tradition

Jumping the Broom
African Wedding Tradition

Love Letter Memory Box

Unity Water Ceremony

Dove Release

Theme Wedding

Unity Sand Ceremony

Family Sand Ceremony

Greek Wedding Tradition

Veil & Cord
Filipino & Hispanic Tradition


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